Rules and Criteria


Provide a clear, concise and logical response to each and every question that is applicable to your campaign. All entries must use the official entry form. Please do not exceed the spacing available on this form. Entries that exceed space restrictions and those submitted without results information will automatically be disqualified.

Consider writing your entry like a short story, but keep it simple, clear, and concise. While ECHO judges are highly experienced marketing professionals, they review a lot of campaign entries in a single judging session, so carefully consider the readability of your entry and use short, succinct paragraphs wherever possible.

Campaigns must employ response-oriented, measurable marketing strategies, driven by insights into target audience selection, creative communications and results achieved. All entries must have been produced, printed, published and/or aired and had response results tabulated between October 1, 2015 and March 31, 2017.

ECHO Awards are judged by category. Please choose the category that most accurately describes the product or service promoted in your campaign. If you believe that your campaign belongs in more than one category, you may enter it in as many categories as appropriate.

You may submit single media components and/or multiple components of your campaign for judging in the 2016 DMA International ECHO® Awards competition. Each entry from your campaign requires a separate entry form, separate creative samples and separate entry fees.

The ECHO Awards reserves the right to reassign entry categories that are deemed incorrectly entered. Samples and DVDs cannot be returned. Please PRINT and retain a copy of your entry form for your files.

All entered work must be done in the normal course of business and must be submitted exactly as it appeared to the target audience. Any advertiser, agency, client, consultant or producer responsible for the work may submit an entry. All entries must be approved by advertiser/client for submission in the DMA International ECHO Awards competition.

Terms, Conditions, & Publication of Winning and Noteworthy Work 


The DMA International ECHO Awards assumes all entries are original and the entrant either owns the work or has permission from the owner’s approved agent to enter the work, with all rights granted therein. The DMA International ECHO Awards shall not be liable for any trademark or copyright infringement on the part of the entrant.

All entrants will strictly observe the Entry Rules. Completion of the entry form, disclosure form, signature, submission of the entry for judging, and receipt of entry form will imply full acceptance by each entrant. Non-compliance with any of the Entry Rules will result in automatic disqualification of the entry.

Timely submission of an entry meeting the eligibility requirements and payment of the entry fee as stated herein ensures that an entrant’s work will be reviewed and considered for recognition. No other representation or warranty is made by the ECHO Awards concerning entries, and all implied warranties are hereby expressly disclaimed.

If an entry receives an award, the manner and details of announcing such nomination and award is strictly within the discretion of the DMA International ECHO Awards. Entrant understands that all awards may not be presented to awardees or publicized in the same manner and some may be presented in a ceremony and others may not at the discretion of the DMA.

Any material submitted in the course of entering the awards becomes the property of the DMA and cannot be returned.


I certify that all the information submitted is true and that its content has been approved by the Advertiser for submission in the DMA International ECHO Awards Competition. I further certify that the submission is in all respects original and does not violate the rights of any other party. I understand that all entries will be retained by the DMA and made available for public inspection. Also, my submission of the signed entry form constitutes my authorization to permit the DMA International ECHO awards to reproduce, disseminate my entry, by any means or media, and to authorize others to do so without any further obligation of any sort to me. This includes but is not limited to displaying my entry at the Awards Ceremony and/or other public places; to include my entry in any ECHO publication; to show my entry as part of any audio and/or visual promotion of the DMA International ECHO Awards; and to make my entry available to others, alone or in conjunction with other materials, for commercial or non-commercial purposes in the sole discretion of the Direct Marketing Association, Inc.

We respect that entries may have information that the clients wishes to keep confidential. If you have these concerns, please contact Christina Pino, DMA—International ECHO® Awards Administrative Coordinator at

Please make sure to review and sign the DMA ECHO Disclosure form with each entry submission.


In the event of a win, any duties, fees and charges accrued from the transporting of the trophy, will be covered by the recipient.


15 March

Early Bird Deadline:

28 May

Regular Deadline:

25 June

Extended Deadline:

14 July

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