Requirements and Process

Please read rules and details before beginning the 2016 DMA International ECHO® Awards entry process.

Do you think you’ve created an award-winning marketing campaign? Only the ECHO Awards measure greatness in terms of impact on business—which lasts far beyond campaign run dates. Our Judging Formula is simple—Judges wil score each entry equally in the three criteria of Strategy, Creativity and Results.

The only exceptions are in the Craft categories where some categories are weighted more to either Creativity or Strategy.

Campaign Eligibility:

All entries must have been produced, printed, published and/or aired and had response results tabulated between October 1, 2015 and March 31, 2017.

Completing the Entry Form:

WINNING TIP - Work on the entry form offline and then submit it online. Download a word document of the form from the downloads tab in the main navigation bar.

Entries must be entered online using the online entry form. For the best online experience, Google Chrome is the recommended web browser to use while entering.

The electronic form cannot be altered or modified in any way after submission. No other form or substitution will be accepted. Please provide all required information. Failure to provide complete information will be subject to disqualification. An entry is considered submitted after filling out the “Entry Disclosure Form” tab, initialing and checking the “Submit This Entry For Judging” check box in the “Submit” tab. An entry is considered received and eligible for judging once payment is accepted.

Complete and Compliant:

Entrants are required to answer all questions on the entry form. Each section has tips that indicate the kind of information that should be included. Please be as specific as possible, and please be concise, because the entries that are well written, and clearly lay out your story of how and why the marketing campaign meets and exceeds the three judging criteria of strategy / creative / results, the more likely you are to win.

We recommend that you write a draft of your entry OFFLINE so you can easily edit, check for typos and spelling mistakes—and ask others to proofread your entry before you cut and paste it into the ONLINE entry form.

Consider writing your entry like a short story, but keep it simple, clear, and concise. While ECHO judges are highly experienced marketing professionals, they review a lot of campaign entries in a single judging session, so carefully consider the readability of your entry and use short, succinct paragraphs wherever possible.

To protect the integrity of the judging process, do NOT include the agency name (or indicate/mention the name of the agency) except where specifically indicated on the entry form. Any mention of the submitting agency in the body of the Entry Form is grounds for disqualification. The only exception is agency self-promotion campaigns. Also, please avoid anything on samples or materials that could identify the creative group or agency, such as labels, addresses, URLs, etc.

Credits for Your Entry:

There is a specific area on the entry form where you can list companies and individuals who worked on your campaign. You should list agency individuals as well as client individuals. Please be accurate, as the way you list it on the entry form is the way it will be printed and presented should your entry be an ECHO winner. The information provided in the credits will be considered final and cannot be altered—even if an individual no longer works at a particular company.

Submit Proper Materials—Online and Offline:

Please submit one complete set of creative samples. Do not mount samples on boards. All mounted materials will be disqualified.

  • Printed Media: physical samples (1) of all direct mail, print ads, catalogs, scripts/storyboards for broadcast, telemarketing scripts and other materials. You may upload samples in addition to sending physical samples.
  • DRTV/Video/Radio: submit samples via upload
  • Digital: submit via upload
  • Online Video Advertisements: submit via upload and include applicable landing pages in the upload.
  • Social Media: submit via upload and include applicable landing pages in the upload.
  • Translations into English of all non-English copy.

Do not place an insured value on the contents of your entry shipment. Send all materials via Priority Mail or special courier (i.e., FedEx or UPS). Do not send via an airline or agent, as we are unable to collect from the airport or customs. Also, should you need to confirm delivery of your entry package, please check with your courier for delivery confirmation.

Please PRINT and keep a copy of your entry form. Please note that the person submitting the entry form will be considered the entrant and will be advised of the competition results.

Foreign Language Entries:

All foreign language copy must be translated into English. Clear translations must be provided for all work not written in English. Broadcast entries may be dubbed or subtitled in English or include a complete written translation. Local idioms that may not be understood in the U.S. must be explained. Entries not accompanied by translations and/or explanations will not be judged. Submit translations electronically via upload with the official entry form.


15 March

Early Bird Deadline:

28 May

Regular Deadline:

25 June

Extended Deadline:

14 July

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