Is the Direct Marketing International ECHO Award based on results alone?

No. ECHO is one of the few awards in digital and interactive marketing that includes results in the judging process, so many think of it as the “results award.” But to win an ECHO requires much more: your campaign must consist of a brilliant strategy, breakthrough creative and phenomenal results. Since all three matter in the “real” world, all three are considered here. We judge these criteria individually and as a whole to determine the best of the best.

What do I do if I’m not sure what category to enter?

Start by reading the “Categories of Entry” page. The general rule is to match your entry to the category(s) that best defines your industry, product or service. If you’re still not sure, email your questions to cpino@the-dma.org.

Can I enter the same creative work into the competition more than once?

Yes. Judging is done by category, and entries are to be submitted into the category(s) that best fits your industry, product or service. If you believe that your campaign fits more than one category, you may enter it in as many categories as appropriate. If you enter a campaign/program in which you used more than one advertising medium to promote the product or service (i.e., email, DRTV and online display), you can either submit the entry as a multi-media campaign, or submit separate entries for each medium used.

Is my campaign still eligible if my target audience was very small?

Of course. It doesn’t matter how big the audience. Your entry will be judged on its overall merit as it relates to marketing strategy, innovative creativity and the campaign’s ability to achieve the measurable objectives, regardless of audience size. Indicate your target audience where prompted on the entry form, and be sure to provide as much additional information as you can to demonstrate the uniqueness of your work.

Do bigger agencies have an unfair advantage?

Absolutely not. The agency name is not revealed on the entry, so ECHO judges don’t know the size or identity of the applicant. Judges are looking for brilliant strategy, great creative and stellar results, regardless of whether it was conceived and executed by freelancers, consultants, small or large agencies.

Where should i send hard copy supporting material?

All supporting material will be viewed by judges online using iPads. However, judges DO expect hard copy material if it was used in the campaign, such as direct mail or brochure examples. Please send all hard copy supporting material to 
Matt Sullivan 
1333 Broadway, Suite #301 
New York, N.Y. 10018 
Please deliver  before 31st July. All material should be labelled with the reference number and campaign name. Labels can be printed from MY ENTRIES when the entry is completed.

What will happen if my entry is chosen for an ECHO Award?

If you are a winner, you will be notified in August with an invitation to participate in the ECHO Awards Celebration, where you will be awarded with a Gold, Silver or Bronze ECHO® Award. The ceremony will be held during &THEN in Los Angeles, CA. Winners will receive one trophy. Additional trophies can be purchased at a reasonable cost. In many cases, ECHO winners get invited to speak at DMA conferences and have their entries featured in trade publications. In addition, winning cases will be on display and published in the ECHO Gallery and on the official ECHO website.

We respect that entries may have information that your client wishes to keep confidential. If you have these concerns, please contact Christina Pino, DMA—International ECHO® Awards Administrative Coordinator at cpino@the-dma.org.

Please note that the individual whose name is on entry form as the entry contact will be the liaison between the DMA and the entrant organization, as well as distribution of trophies, plaques, etc. If this contact changes between the time you submitted your entry and August, you must contact the ECHO Department. Otherwise, all communications (including winning trophies, plaques, etc.), will be sent to the original entrant submitter.


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