Deadlines and Fees


Contest Open Date: March 15th 2017

Early Bird Deadline: May 28th 2017

Regular Deadline: June 25th 2017

Extended Deadline: July 2nd 2017  Extra extension to 14th July 2017

*Deadline dates are 12:00am EST US time zone.


$395 per entry Early Bird

$495 per entry Regular

$595 per entry Extended

(Note that the entry fee is applied to each category selected)

The entry fee is determined by the date you submit your entry for judging with full payment.

All entries intended for judging must be paid in full and submitted prior to the entry deadline. This includes payments from all ECHO Alliance Program participants. ECHO Alliance Program participants must contact their local award program organizer for entry payment instructions.

This includes online payments, wire transfers, and checks mailed to the DMA. All originating bank charges must be prepaid. Make sure the amount being transferred is in U.S. Dollars and covers the full amount of the entry fee(s).


15 March

Early Bird Deadline:

28 May

Regular Deadline:

25 June

Extended Deadline:

14 July

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